The Canning City

is disappearing

01. Sep 2016 - 19. Aug 2019

The heritage of the canning industry in Stavanger is about to disappear. That is why the city of Stavanger has begun working on a specific plan to protect the city’s former canneries.

A DIGITAL EXHIBITION In connection with this, the Label-Collecting Club “Norway Brand” and the Norwegian Canning Museum have decided to produce the digital Exhibition “The Canning Town is disappearing”. The Exhibition will consist of a basic part with information about the plan to protect Stavanger’s cannery buildings, at the same time as we produce a map showing the position of Stavanger’s former canneries, either torn down, adapted to new purposes or preserved. The work on the plan began with Rogaland County Council’s objections to the zoning plan for the Soland block. Their objections were upheld by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage. The zoning plan would include removal of the Viking Sardine Factory, an act which would destroy the unique factory environment in (the street) Nedre Banegate. Stavanger municipality had already given the go-ahead for removing the historically significant building. In their work with the Protection Plan for the canning industry, the Office for Cultural Heritage Management in Stavanger had surveyed the cannery buildings in Stavanger, with the following results:

  • 52 cannery buildings have been destroyed,
  • 5 have been significantly altered.
  • 16 buildings which were not originally designed as canneries, but were used for that purpose, remain.
  • 23 original cannery buildings remain.