Temporary exhibition in 2024

15. Feb 2024 - 09. Feb 2025

The propaganda posters for The National Unity Party 1933-1945

The exhibition PROPAGANDA makes visible the means used in the propaganda of The National Unity Party. The same means are used in modern propaganda. Emotions are still played on, and we are lured into ignoring the facts.

The posters show the development from the election posters in the inter-war period to the propaganda of the war, from certain images of victory populated by young and idealized people, to those on the eve of the war showing a caricatured Ola Nordmann with his red hat pulled well down over his ears.

In the exhibition, you will also get to know the norwegian illustrator Harald Damsleth (1906–71), who led the work on visual propaganda during the war. We find his well-developed idiom in a number of the posters in the exhibition. After the war, Damsleth was sentenced to five years' penal servitude for treason, but was pardoned after two years. He then worked as an anonymous illustrator for the rest of his life.

The exhibition PROPAGANDA is produced by and on loan from The Norwegian National Museum of Justice.

The exhibition is open fro 15th of February 2024 til the 8th of February 2025