The label collectors club

"Norway Brand"

“Iddises» (sardine can labels) are one of the clearest reminders of the glory days of the canning industry, and were collected by both children and adults.

The label collectors club ”Norway Brand” was founded in 1987. The main aim of the club is to gather and preserve information and knowledge about the canning industry, about the labels and the culture attached to them. This is done through:

  • Collecting, registering and preserving the many thousands of labels that were produced
  • The preservation of as many as possible other items from the canning industry
  • Collecting information about the use of labels in different children’s games
  • Collecting information which reflects the variety of factories within the canning industry and the printing trade
  • Collecting information about the production of labels and their creators
  • Providing information about the activities of the club to as many people as possible

The Leader of the club is John Gunnar Johnsen.

Contact information: Email:

One of the Board Members, Erik Rønning Bergsagel, who also works at the Norwegian Canning Museum, can be contacted on: 407 28 431 (mobile) or email:

The club holds regular meetings for members, as well as days for swapping labels, at the Norwegian Canning Museum. These are held on the first Sunday of every month.

Membership in the club is open for all who are interested. As a member you will receive all information that is produced, as well as the club magazine.

Adults kr. 200,-
Children kr. 50,-
Institution kr. 250,-